Sunday, May 11, 2014

The week that was...

What a long week! (I say that a lot, and then always feel vaguely silly about it-obviously it is always the same exact length. But my weeks feel long, mostly.)

Things that happened this week that I loved:

Mother's Day! I was awakened by very excited little girls, who gave me a trove of very wonderful handmade gifts, including very necessary things like a recipe book and coupons for hugs and taking out the trash. They also got me a beautiful necklace from Oragami Owl. The charms they chose were each of their birthstones, a ballerina (for Felicity), a softball (for Betsy), and books (of course). And then they proceeded to make me a huge bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, and a very large glass of orange juice, which of course they served to me in bed. We went to church, and then had lunch at my mom's with my grandparents and my sister's family. All hugely wonderful stuff.

Softball-Betsy's team got their first official win this week, and against a very good team. Our team is so young (we have no mythical fifth graders who are somehow still 10 by official rules, which most of teams have at least 4 deep). The girls were so excited to get a win in, and softball is just fun to watch anyway.

Election Day-the girls and I voted. Of course, they don't actually vote, but they go with me and get their stickers. They know how important voting is to me. And even though the person I voted for didn't win, I want them to know that it's still so important.

Things that happened this week that weren't so great:

Legends of Oz-the girls were super excited to see this movie. Felicity loves The Wizard of Oz and all things Oz related. They enjoyed the movie, but Nick and I not so much. There wasn't anything objectionable in it, it was just kind of blah and not overly funny.

Debates about #s and whether or not they are worth anything-Yes, I know that simply putting a hashtag on something isn't the equivalent of doing anything, but ultimately it's a pointless debate. The fact is hashtags raise awareness, and focus the news. That needs to happen. And even if, in the end, it doesn't lead to perfect resolution, what does? It's better than sitting on our hands doing nothing.

We have a busy week ahead, full of softball, dancing, a birthday party, and, for me, a lot of meetings. End of the year and all. But I'm trying to marinate in the mundane, even the busy, because after all, it's all going to end far too soon.